Peter Brown





10/5/1935 , New York, NY

Birth Name

Pierre De Lappe




Peter Brown is an actor born on October 5, 1935 in New York City. He was born as Pierre Lin de Lappe, but at an early age changed his last name to Brown after his stepfather. Brown got his start in acting while stationed in Alaska with the U.S. Army. There, he began writing and directing plays to pass the time and to entertain his fellow troops. After leaving the Army, Brown studied Drama at UCLA and began acting in plays. In order to make ends meet, Brown began working at a gas station in Los Angeles. While working there, Brown meet Jack Warner, one of the Warner brothers; the next day he was given a screentest at Warner Brothers Studio. In 1958, Brown had his big break when he played Deputy Johnny MacKay in the television show Lawman, which would continue to run through 1962. Brown continues to perform guest-acting roles on several television shows.