Peter Cook

Peter Cook


11/17/1937, Torquay, Devon, England, UK



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Peter Edward Cook


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    • Besides acting, Peter also worked as a Producer, a screenwriter, a magazine editorial director, and a nightclub owner.

    • Peter was raised by his Grandmother in Torquay, Devon, England.

    • Peter's mother passed away in 1988.

    • Peter's comedy partnership with Dudley Moore, led to the popular and critically feted television show Not Only... But Also.

    • Peter's first regular television spot was on Granada Television's Braden Beat with Bernard Braden.

    • After Peter graduated from University he wrote professionally for Kenneth Williams for whom he created the famous Not An Asp sketch.

    • It was while attending Pembroke, Peter first performed and wrote comedy sketches as a member of the prestigious Cambridge Footlights Club (of which Peter Cook became President in 1960).

    • Peter was educated at Radley and Pembroke College at the University of Cambridge, where he studied French and German.

    • Peter is still widely regarded as the father of the British satire boom of the 1960s.

    • A couple of Peter's better known comic creations were E.L. Wisty and Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling.

    • Peter won two Special Tony Awards: in 1963, along with his Beyond the Fringe co-stars Alan Bennett, Jonathan Miller and Dudley Moore, "for their brilliance which has shattered all the old concepts of comedy," in a show that was recreated in a television version of the same title, Beyond the Fringe (1964); and in 1974, shared with co-author and co-star Dudley Moore for their show Good Evening.

    • Peter Cook: (from his & Dudley Moore's famous skit ... Peter portraying a casting director turning down a one-legged man for the role of Tarzan) I've got nothing against your right leg. The trouble is, neither have you.

    • Peter Cook: (from Beyond the Fringe/Seceret Policeman) If you ever want to hear a boring conversation, why, pop down the mine. There it'll be!

    • Peter Cook: (from Beyond the Fringe/Seceret Policeman) I could have been a Judge, but I never had the Latin for the judgin'. I never had it, so I'd had it, as far as being a judge was concerned.

    • Peter and his third wife Lin lived in separate homes 100 yards apart in Hampstead.

    • John Lennon once told Peter and his wife at the time, Wendy, that the song "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" was written for their eldest daughter, Lucy. Although it has also been stated that the song was inspired by a picture that John Lennon's son, Julian had drawn of his childhood friend, Lucy.

    • Peter's daughter Daisy Cook, is a noted artist.

    • Peter had two daughters with his first wife, Wendy Snowden: Lucy, born in 1964, and Daisy born in 1965.

    • Peter ran the "The Establishment Club" in Greek Street, Soho, London from October 1961 - September 1962. The cradle of the 1960s satire boom.

    • Peter's father was a diplomat.

    • Peter was one of five comedians pictured on a set of UK postage stamps issued 23 April 1998. His caricatured likeness was on the 63p stamp.

    • Peter was married three times over the course of his life. His first wife was Wendy Snowden, they married in October 1963, and divorced in 1971. Peter then married Judy Huxtable in 1973, the marriage ended in 1989. His last wife was Lin Chong, whom he married in 1989 . They were together up until his death on the 9th of January in 1995.

    • Peter was approximately 6' 2" (1.88 m) tall.

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