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  • Party Monsters

    Full Episode

    S 18 : Ep 21 - 10/29/11

    Halloween is every Nighlok's favorite day of the year so the creepiest creatures from the Netherworld are clamoring to get into the scariest party ever and trade war stories about their battles with the Samurai Power Rangers.

  • Jayden's Challenge (2)

    Full Episode

    S 18 : Ep 10 - 4/17/11

    Jayden leaves the Shiba house hoping to keep the other Rangers out of harms way but when a powerful Nighlok attacks, Jayden finally accepts the fact that he needs his team to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangersmoreless
  • Test of the Leader (1)

    Full Episode

    S 18 : Ep 9 - 4/10/11

    A Nighlok is sent to stop the Red Ranger from using his special power to seal Master Xandred in the Netherworld forever, but their duel is interrupted by the mysterious Deker.
  • Resurrection

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 7 - 1/9/10

    The Mord'Sith Denna returns and uses Richard to take control over the throne that Darken Rahl left behind.
  • The Return

    Full Episode

    S 14 : Ep 30 - 10/30/06

    Matoombo, the kind and gentle Terror, is chosen to become the body of the restored Master, which he refuses. He encounters Vida, who aids him in trying to escape from his fate. Will they succeed in evading Gekkor, or is the Master's return inevitable? Also, the rest of the Rangers are confronted by Itassis. Can they convince her to switch sides? Meanwhile, Udonna finds what's left of Leanbow. Will she be able to save him, and in doing so, put the power of Koragg to good use? And, Toby copes with his knowledge of his employees' secret identities, while also gaining a new employee in the form of Phineas!moreless
  • The Snow Prince

    Full Episode

    S 14 : Ep 27 - 9/25/06

    The Snow Prince, the mentor to the original Mystic Warriors returns, and decrees that Daggeron should spend a day learning from Nick on the fine art of gut instincts. Meanwhile, Megahorn is chosen to be the next Ten Terror to attack the Rangers, but Sculpin sends in Black Lance to back him up. Will Koragg come out of hiding to help our heroes?moreless
  • Hard Heads

    Full Episode

    S 14 : Ep 26 - 9/18/06

    Thanks to Necrolai's Book of Prophecy, Serpentina becomes aware of her status as the next of the Ten Terrors to be chosen. She breaks the Rules of Darkness and sends Hekatoid out ahead to attack the Rangers. He just happens to encounter Nick & Vida, who are currently at odds in a severe spat of bickering! Hekatoid slimes the pair, preventing them from morphing. Will they be able to set aside their differences long enough to save the rest of the team from Serpentina's stomach? And just what will the other Terrors think when they discover her breaking of the rules? Also, Sculpin makes contact with Koragg, and Leelee learns her destiny!moreless
  • The Hunter

    Full Episode

    S 14 : Ep 25 - 8/20/06

    The second of the 10 Terrors, Oculous the Hunter, is chosen to destroy the Light. One by one, the sharp-eyed monster snipes off each of the Rangers, leaving Nick alone and outnumbered. Can he connect with his destiny, and that of the last dragon, Fire Heart's, in time to save himself and his friends? Meanwhile, 10 Terror member Megahorn breaks the sacred rules and sets out on his own to battle the Solaris Knight! Also, Udonna finds a familiar face is following her, and Leelee settles into her new job, whether the Rangers like it or not.moreless
  • The Light

    Full Episode

    S 14 : Ep 24 - 8/14/06

    Now the sole creature in the Pit, Necrolai quickly uncovers the Ten Terrors of the Underworld, giant creatures with even more immense powers who live to serve the Supreme Master! The Rangers will have a hard enough time fighting them, as Udonna departs to search for her husband, Madison is doubting her abilities as hero, and Toby is considering taking action against his often-absent employees! The first of the Terrors, the lava-based Magma, prepares to burn down Briarwood while seeking the being known as "The Light". Just who or what is it? Only Phineas has the answers!moreless
  • Isn't It Lava-ly

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 29 - 9/18/04

    Ethan's overly confident, and downright cocky attitude concerning his skills at playing the "Detonation Man" computer game begins to get on everyone's nerves. Who stands a chance of humbling him in a tournament for the game? Meanwhile, Volcanologist Dr. Morton gets turned into a Horn-Rimmed Monster by Elsa, who orders him to reactivate Reefside's dormant volcano to wipe out the city! Plus, both Tommy and Mesogog's forces seek out the loose cannon Zeltrax, and Cassidy falls apart when Devin isn't around for a change.moreless
  • Darkness Visible

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 5/1/99

    Three orphans encounter magic as they meet a witch.



  • A Fistful of Dinars

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 14 - 1/29/96

    After running into an old friend, Xena learns that several different assassins are on a mission for four clues that lead to finding the lost treasure of the Sumerians. Not so much worried about the treasure itself, Xena knows that something more special lies where the treasure does, and with this you can find a special food of the Gods. Xena must prevent anyone from eating it, and on her journey she must confront a past lover and uncomfortably ask for his help.

  • The Gauntlet

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 17 - 5/1/95

    Hercules was angry when he heard that the Warrior Princes Xena was raiding villages to increase her power and territory. What Hercules didn't know until later was that Xena's lieutenant Darphus was the one responsible for the total massacre of the villagers. When Xena protected an infant from her lieutenant, Darphus forced her to endure the Gauntlet, where she has brutally beaten by her own soldiers. Fleeing on her own, Xena challenged Hercules to a duel- and lost. But he spared her life, and eventually she joined him in defending the village of Parthis from her former army, slaying Darphus. Unfortunately, one of the Gods has plans for Darphus, so he becomes Ares' undead henchman.moreless