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  • Peter Davison is famous for playing Tristan on All Creatures Great and Small. After that show, Davison was a household name in the United States as The Fifth Doctor on Doctor Who. Tom Baker left the show and regenerated into Peter Davison. Davison was

    the Doctor for 3 years. Davison never liked Mathew Waterhouse or Janet Fielding. Tom Baker never liked Mathew Waterhouse or Janet Fielding either. Davison said that he preferred Sarah Sutton (Nyssa) to be his companion. Case in point: in the four-part Doctor Who adventure, Arc of Infinity, Nyssa traveled to Gallifrey with the Doctor. Nyssa helped the Doctor and Tegan defeat Omega (Ian Collier.) In The Five Doctors 90 minute movie special, Davison followed the advice of Patrick Troughton (Doctor #2) and left the show after 3 years so he wouldn't be typecast. Davison and Troughton became good buddies on the set. Davison regretted leaving Doctor Who. He wanted to return, but the role of the Doctor went to Colin Baker. Davison also appeared in Magnum, P.I. He wrote music for tv shows.