Peter DeLuise





11/6/1966 , New York, New York, USA

Birth Name

Peter John DeLuise




Peter DeLuise was born on the 6th of November, 1966 in New York, NY, USA, so he is a scorpio. That's part of the useless info.

Peter has acting in his blood. He first acted (as far as you can "act" at one year old) in a skit in his father's show. His father is Dom DeLuise. His wife, Carol, gave birth to three boys, all three future actors: Peter, the eldest, Michael (August, the 4th 1970) and David (November, 11th 1971). He shot his first film in 1979, Hot Stuff, playing Peter Furtado. The film included the whole DeLuise family: Carol, Dom and his three sons.DeLuise senior did not push his son to be an actor. In fact, he pushed him to earn a living. He needed to rely on himself. But delivering flowers and working in an ice shop did not seem to suit Peter.

He graduated from Palisades H. S. (where he was involved in the Drama Club and he was the captain of the football team), but he was not the student kind of guy (it's the least you can say). So he stopped his studies and run from one audition to the other, hoping to find a job.He acted on stage in Brighton Beach Memoirs at the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theater in Florida. His real break is certainly 21 Jump Street in 1987. The Officer Doug Penhall is an undercover cop assigned to colleges, high schools... At first, the character was meant to die of a cocaine overdose in the fifth episode, but Peter's talent changed the mind of the producer. Instead of playing five episode, Peter starred in five seasons...
It is thanks to 21JS that Peter first touched a camera. He directed 3 21JS episodes.

While shooting 21JS, he met Gina Nemo and married her in December 1988. She was an actress starring in the TV show.
He quitted the TV series in the middle of the fifth season, in 1990.From then on, Peter did a lot of different things: acting, directing, producing, consulting... He is a jack [O'neill?] of all ["filming"] trades. Even if his favourite world is certainly sci fi, we can notice him in a lot of things. In the DeLuise family, acting is certainly a family business. One brother always tries to involve another one... when it's not the whole family!
This is how you can watch Dom, Peter, Michael and David in 3rd Rock From The Sun in 1998 (3x17 - Auto Eurodicka).
When Michael got a part in Seaquest DSV, not long after, you can find Peter playing in it. But David also appears as the manager of Buddy's in episode Vapors.
Michael and David had both a part in Stargate SG1: respectively in Wormhole X-treme and Carter's fiance, Pete Shanahan in Chimera, Affinity, New Order and Threads.

In 21JS, David appears as Stevenson in the episode Number One with a Bullet, episode directed by Peter. Michael appears as Young Doug Penhall but also as Doug's brother in the 5th season.
In 1999, he wrote his own film, Between the sheets. His brother, Michael, directed it. His mother had a part in the film.

Anne Marie Loder (August 3, 1969) was engaged to Peter in July 2000 and they are joined in marriage since June the 7th of 2002. Being also an actress. She notably acted in several tv series like Andromeda, The Outer Limits, The Dead Zone, Mysterious Ways... and so much more !

His main achievement is certainly his child: Jake Dominick DeLuise, born on April the 11th, 2004.