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  • A hasbin, a hack, a bloody pathetic director!

    Mr DeLuise should be shot for his butchery of the sci-fi hit Stargate SG-1. Every episode he directs is a shocker, and I know the fans agree. The script and actors are fantastic (mostly), but through his persistant use of old
    skool techniques, angles, and direction, he truly is this show's own cancerous tumour, he brings it down. He thinks he's funny, he's about as funny as see children starving in Africa. I dread hearing his name attached to anything I like, this guy is just so SO useless! Heard is commentaries? OOOHH the pain!! Get out Mr Deluise, your father is more talented than you will ever be. You are shameful, you are a waste of everybody's time, you are a frakkin' loser. 'Nuff said.
  • He’s and actor sometimes but most of the time he’s a director.

    Peter DeLuise was one of the (young & thin) stars of “21 Jump Street”. Now he is a famous director. He is a regular director and writer on “Stargate” and “Andromeda”. Some of the funniest episodes are easily recognized as Peter’s episodes. He also does Hitchcock like appearances in all of the episodes he’s directed. Of course he has also had speaking parts on both shows.

    One of my personal favorites is listening to his Stargate commentary tracks. It is clear that he inherited his father’s off-beat sense of humor and that is accented by his encyclopedic knowledge of the myth, history and background surrounding the Stargate series. For this reason he was hired as a story consultant and moved his way up to being one of the show’s producers.