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    • Peter DeLuise: "Seth," that was a weird episode. You know, we actually pretend that one didn't exist. There's a couple of episodes where Brad Wright actually instructs us and he says, "That never happened. Really."

      But we already know that -- I think there's one episode, "Hathor" in particular. I mean that chick is hot. And I mean that in the less misogynistic way that you think. I like the character of Hathor . I thought she was quite striking, and not just because she was beautiful because I thought she was a good actress. But the fact that she needed to have sex with the Daniel Jackson character and then go in the hot tub to spawn the little symbiotes. And then there was the issue of "Where is that coming from? Where did that come out of? Where did it come from? If the queen is in her head, where is the big sack that we've seen in the past? Did it come of her mouth when they were born? And why is she sitting in the hot tub instead of upside-down in the hot tub if that's the case?"

      So it was just kind of a "Don't go there" kind of a thing. And so sometimes Brad says, "Yeah, that didn't happen. That didn't really happen."

    • Reporter: So tell us what you've been working on so far this season. What have you been writing and directing?
      Peter DeLuise: Well, that's the other thing. That's why I'm eluding your question a little bit, because I haven't really been working on SG-1 . I've been concentrating on Atlantis . Not because of my own choices, just because it's been scheduled that way. So the first three episodes that I've been assigned have all been from Atlantis .

      I mean, I like the storyline. I like what they've done with it. And it feels new. It feels different -- it feels brash and political.

    • Reporter: Mr. DeLuise, tell us first your evaluation overall of Season Eight .
      Peter DeLuise: That's your question? You start with "Mr. DeLuise," so I think "Aw, look at me, I'm a Mister now." Everybody just calls me "Freak Show" over here. And then you ask me "What's my overall ..." So you butter me up with the "Mister" and then you say, "What's the whole thing about Season Eight?"

      And I'm supposed to go, "Oh, yeah, Season Eight. We've got great things in store for you! The characters are amazing, the bad guys and the action and the sex ... Oh, I've got the relationship stuff. Oh, man it's fantastic!" And the reality is it's just like it always was. It's a clown-car, Chinese fire drill. Everybody's just completely overwhelmed doing the best that they can.

    • (Speaking of Stargate SG-1 fans)
      Peter DeLuise: I will love meeting the FRENCH FANS ! I love French people, they are so passionate and... FRENCH

    • Paul McGillion: The fact that Peter DeLuise is directing means you just know it's going to be bizarre. I mean, he lets you have so much fun with the comedic situations. The ass-slapping moment from this morning isn't even in the script, but Peter just runs with these things.

    • Peter: If you were shopping for a father, you'd have to take out a serious loan to afford mine. He's the best.

    • Peter: I was more interested in girls, but if I got a girl, she'd be more interested in getting cocaine.

    • Peter: I was the fat kid, so as a defense mechanism, I was the jokester.