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    • Reporter: Mr. DeLuise, tell us first your evaluation overall of Season Eight .
      Peter DeLuise: That's your question? You start with "Mr. DeLuise," so I think "Aw, look at me, I'm a Mister now." Everybody just calls me "Freak Show" over here. And then you ask me "What's my overall ..." So you butter me up with the "Mister" and then you say, "What's the whole thing about Season Eight?"

      And I'm supposed to go, "Oh, yeah, Season Eight. We've got great things in store for you! The characters are amazing, the bad guys and the action and the sex ... Oh, I've got the relationship stuff. Oh, man it's fantastic!" And the reality is it's just like it always was. It's a clown-car, Chinese fire drill. Everybody's just completely overwhelmed doing the best that they can.