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    • Peter DeLuise: "Seth," that was a weird episode. You know, we actually pretend that one didn't exist. There's a couple of episodes where Brad Wright actually instructs us and he says, "That never happened. Really."

      But we already know that -- I think there's one episode, "Hathor" in particular. I mean that chick is hot. And I mean that in the less misogynistic way that you think. I like the character of Hathor . I thought she was quite striking, and not just because she was beautiful because I thought she was a good actress. But the fact that she needed to have sex with the Daniel Jackson character and then go in the hot tub to spawn the little symbiotes. And then there was the issue of "Where is that coming from? Where did that come out of? Where did it come from? If the queen is in her head, where is the big sack that we've seen in the past? Did it come of her mouth when they were born? And why is she sitting in the hot tub instead of upside-down in the hot tub if that's the case?"

      So it was just kind of a "Don't go there" kind of a thing. And so sometimes Brad says, "Yeah, that didn't happen. That didn't really happen."