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  • I've seen this actor 2 other times, in "livin in oblivion" where he makes an excellent rant about the sterotypical roles dwarfs get and in some bit part where he plays a child psychologist. ( I really liked that role because it was at least inspired)

    Peter is under used and pretty much above all of the staff except Mr. Dutton. In fact it seems that Brent spinner is actually working to keep up with Dutton and Peter and it shows, Brent's better for it. The other's are pretty bland and formless.

    My favorite scenes? When he asks the team muscle how he deals with death, his reaction when the nerd shoots his gun, and his ability to show fear, but still be cocky.

    I tune in to see Pete act, that's it. I'm curious how long the good sense and smart writing of the show will last and keep giving Peter good lines. Already I'm worried because too much of the angst and drama of the show is being centered on the woman who quite frankly is barely able to act. Don't get me wrong, I'm straight and she's hot, but she doesn't really act.

    His being a Dwarf is not a plot device of the film, which is cool. I'm a normal height black guy who usually doesn't care who gets the girl on a show, but it would be cool to see him get in a romantic situation and really see him work some dialog.

    I know, I know, that's pushing it to see him with a norm and make it dramatic, but I wouldn't dream it (actually even think it) if the writers weren't already doing a good job.

    The question might arise "yeah, but are you impressed a Dwarf can act? or that he is a good actor?"

    He's a good actor. His height disappears in the glare of his ability. Now if he was 6ft would I still write in? No. But if he was even 5ft 8 he would be staring in Numbers.