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In 1991, Peter earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, receiving 1st Class Honours in Politics and History at the University of Melbourne. 1993 he acquired a Diploma in Drama at the University of Auckland. Peter Feeney has worked extensively in television, film and theatre, including at Fortune, Court…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2008, Peter toured New Zealand with his one man show A Night With Beau Tyler, after his successful season with the piece at The Classic Theatre in Auckland.

    • Peter has published numerous articles on acting at the Actor's Union MEAA magazine in Australia.

    • In 1999, Peter attended the "Revolutionary Acting Programme Masterclass" taught by Australian drama teachers Dean Carey and Brett Wood. Peter invited the teachers to come to Auckland to teach the class.

    • Peter Feeney founded his own theatre company, Feeney McSweeney, to make theatre more accessible and less of "a middle-class entertainment".

    • Three of Peter's grandparents were Irish, and his great grandparents immigrated to New Zealand from western Ireland in the 19th century.

    • Scott Weinberg, of EFilmCritic, says of him, "Peter Feeney delivers a colorfully nasty lead villain- a certified Kiwi answer to Bruce Campbell."

    • Dean Carey, Director of the Actors Centre in Australia, says of him (as a drama teacher), "I can thoroughly recommend Peter as a Producer, an actor, and also as a marvellous proponent of the principles and techniques he has encountered and uses himself in his acting processes. He is a gifted man with much to contribute to his profession."

    • Peter was a casting director for the TV series The Amazing Extraordinary Friends as well as having a recurring role in the series.

    • Ocassionally Peter teaches workshops for professional actors in Auckland focussing on scene groups, Shakespeare and career survival.

    • Peter was the Executive Producer for the independent film The Messiah XXI.

    • In 2003, Peter was nominated for "Best Short Film Performance" for his role in The Platform at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards.

    • Peter's theatre credits include:
      (2008) Beau Tyler, one man show, NZ tour
      (2006) Milo's Wake "Milo O'Conor" Feeney Mc Sweeney Prod., Dir Peter Feeney
      (2005) Milo's Wake "Milo O'Conor" The Dog's Bollix, Dir Peter Feeney
      (2003) A Conversation "Jack Manning" QTC (Brisbane), Dir Jean-Marc Russ
      (2002) Hamlet "Horatio" Cut Theatre (Sydney)
      (1998) Performance Anxiety "Richard" Bruce Mason Centre
      (1996) Hamlet "Guildenstern" Circa Theatre, Wellington
      (1995) The Revengers Tragedy "Hippolito" Fortune Theatre, Dunedin
      (1995) She Stoops to Conquer "Hastings" Court Theatre, Christchurch
      (1995) As You Like It "Oliver" Summer Shakespeare, Auckland

    • Peter enjoys most athletics, but in particular horseback riding, skiing and swimming.

    • Peter was in the Royal New Zealand army for two years. He served in the Engineers- Terrritorials unit.

    • Peter speaks Russian, and at one time he was a graduate student in Moscow.

    • Peter is 6' tall, with brown hair and brown eyes.

    • Peter is represented professionally by the firm Kathryn Rawlings Actors.

  • Quotes

    • Peter: (on acting) We will rarely get told what is good in our work, and certainly hardly ever is wrong- we are left to guess then learn from mistakes that can undoubtably cost you. Persistence goes a long way.

    • Peter: Acting can paralyze, embitter, and victimize an actor wh cannot comprehend that theatre, film and television were not invented solely to satisfy his or her emotional needs. Cursed or blessed with the acting bug- how that feels can change from day to day, or even within a day- you ought to do this job only if you have to. Otherwise you might lack the stamina and the personal resources to discover how to make it work for you.