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  • my all time favorite voice actor.

    he's most famous for being the writer, director, and the voice of Racer X and Speed on "Speed Racer". he's currently the voice of Spritle on "Speed Racer: The Next Generation". he's Peter Fernandez! for those of you who have ever watched "speed racer" (the series. not the movie) then you know who i'm talking about. if your a troll living under a bridge and never even heard of it, your probley confused. or crazy. or both, yeah probley both. so anyway, he's one (if not THE) of the best voice actors of all time. he's had alot more shows than "speed racer" related ones, but that's what he's most famous for. if you've never heard his voice (on any show, anytime, anywhere) then you need a nice slap on the head. it dosn't matter if you know him as Speed, Racer X, Spritle, that wierd guy who does voice overs, or just another actor. the point is that you know who he is. if you don't, your missing out on a part of world popular culture!