Peter Firth





10/27/1953 , Bradford Yorkshire England, UK

Birth Name




Born in Pudsey, near Bradford in 1953, his parents ran a pub and he attended a local grammar school. He has one sister.

As a youth, he took weekend classes at the Bradford Playhouse near his Pudsey home and he left school at the age of 16 to pursue his career in acting. A child actor on British television from 1968, he appeared in the popular children's show The Double-Deckers. His first film appearance was 1973's Brother Sun, Sister Moon. Full theatrical stardom came Firth's way in 1973 with his portrayal of horse-mutilating stable boy Arthur Strang in Peter Shaffer's Equus. He repeated this role in the 1977 film version, earning a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination. He went on to such film characterizations as Angel Clare in Tess (1977) and Ivan Patten in Hunt for Red October (1990). Peter is now on UK television as Harry Pearce on the BBC MI5 drama Spooks.

Peter has been married to Lindsey Readman since 1990 and they have four children including Rory, Amy Mary, Alexander William, and James Harry.