Peter Gerety

Peter Gerety


5/17/1940, Providence, Rhode Island

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His acting career began with his participation in productions at the Charles Playhouse while he was a student at Boston University. He worked with a theater group from Providence, Rhode Island called the Trinity Square Repertory Company. He has performed on Broadway multiple times and is at ease…more


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  • Trivia

    • Peter Gerety was part of the PBS series Liberty! The American Revolution, which won the George Foster Peabody Award. Homicide:Life on the Street, another series in which he starred, was also the recipient of a George Foster Peabody Award.

    • For much of Peter Gerety's early television work he didn't need to stray far from his Providence, Rhode Island home. His role in NBC's 1983 project The Demon Murder Case was filmed in Newport, Rhode Island.

    • Filmmakers Woody Allen and Edward Burns have used Peter Gerety in several of their films. Woody Allen has used him in 2002's Hollywood Ending and 2001's The Curse of the Jade Scorpion. Edward Burns has used Peter Gerety in his 2006 film Looking for Kitty and 2002's Ash Wednesday. Barry Levinson has had a similar experience with Peter, using him in the television series Homicide: Life on The Street and the 1996 film Sleepers.

    • Peter Gerety's 1994 involvement in the New York Shakespeare Theatre's production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona saw the actor performing alongside a talented salt-and-pepper schnauzer mix named Bugsy.

    • Peter Gerety has appeared in the following Broadway productions:
      -The Lieutenant of Inishmore
      -Never Gonna Dance
      -Conversations With My Father
      -The Hothouse

    • Peter impulsively purchased a ticket and went on a ten day trip to Ireland, spending most of his time Galway, after receiving his role in Martin McDonough's The Lieutenant of Inishmore. This trip not only helped him with his accent for the role, but also awakened a love for the country and the culture.

    • Peter initially passed on the role of Donny in an off-Broadway production of Martin McDonough's The Lieutenant of Inishmore, only to accept the role in a Broadway production a few years later. He had forgotten that he had read the script and passed on the role.

    • Public Morals, a sitcom in which Peter Gerety played police lieutenant Neil Fogarty, was canceled after only one episode.

    • He has performed audio-books (mostly Stephen King novels) for Simon and Shuster

    • Peter garnered critical acclaim in one of his first Broadway productions. He played opposite Judd Hirsch in 1982 production of Conversations with My Father.

    • Jill Clayburgh and Al Pacino were among Peter's co-stars at the Charles Playhouse.

    • He appeared in over 125 productions with the Trinity Square Repertory Company.

    • Peter's feature debut was as a biker in the film Complex World which was filmed in Providence, Rhode Island.

    • He won the Boston Theater Critics best actor award for his role in Billy Bishop went to War.

    • Prior to his film, television, and stage career he worked as a bartender and as a fruit picker.

  • Quotes

    • Peter Gerety: (On his role in The Lieutenant of Inishmore) I'm older than the rest of the cast, I'm built like a fire hydrant, and I don't bend as easily as I should. So I think this is the last play I'm going to do where I get tied up and crawl around on the floor.

    • Peter Gerety: I'm really a bit of a workaholic. To me, there's nothing better than being on a film set all day and then doing a Broadway show at night.

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