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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Peter Hannan began his cartoon back in the 6th grade when he made flip books. He has also made a comic series called: The Adventures of a Huge Mouth, and a children's book series called: Sillyville Saga. Then he and his family moved to California where he sold…more


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  • A creator of a down-fall

    You know what, there's silly, dumb television and movies for when your brain is fried. I have no problems with that kind of junk food TV.

    And then there is insipid. And insipid is never amusing. This show, along with its idiot sibling My Gym Parter's A Monkey, is insipid.

    The writing is lazy. The jokes are obvious and easy. Of all of the talented humorists and animators out there, it irritates me that shows like these are green-lit. Yeah, Eddie kind of hiper. Ha ha. We get it. Yeah, no really, we get it. Okay, enough already.

    This show is *cheap*. The humor is cheap. It is especially depressing when you compare it to something like Veiwitful Joe, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, or even Sonic X. And, incidentally, it's got nothing to do with your political opinion or how you feel about Alfred R. Kahn. It has to do with having your intelligence insulted.

    At this point, Billy West is an easy target. Watching dry, straight news from the major networks is itself a laugh riot if it doesn't make you cry. This show just riffs on the obvious. It adds nothing to the already fairly rich tradition of CatDog's Administration satire.

    With this show, they're not even trying. I can really chalk up subjective differences of opinion when it comes to a lot of shows I don't like. I can usually abstractly understand why someone would like something I don't.

    But I am at a loss as to why even those who like really lowbrow humor would like this. The show is simply poor. I'd really like to know who is asleep at the wheel at Comedy Central.

    And to those who would defend it as "stoner humor" -- horse puckey. No amount of drugs or alcohol would make this funny. This is an insult to the intelligence of (even the wicked mad high) Nicktoon Network viewers, as well as an affront to talented writers who actually take some time to write decent satire.

    And as for comments about the voice talent, well, this doesn't sound like a dead-on impression of Sonic, Tails, Knukles, or even Dr. Eggman. This sounds like a dead-on impression of someone else doing a Mike Pollock impression.

    Complete crap. Stare at the wall for a half hour instead; you'll laugh more. Pathetic.moreless