Peter Hermann

Peter Hermann


8/15/1967, Greenwich, CT

Birth Name

Karl Peter Frederic Albert Hermann


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Peter is multilingual. He speaks 4 different languages: English, Spanish, French and German.

He married Mariska Hargitay on August 28, 2004 in Santa Barbara, California. They met on the set of Law & Order SVU and their first date was when Peter took Mariska to church. He…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Peter is 6 ft 5 inches tall.

    • Peter has done many commercials including one for NyQuil and Truth (Non Smoking) Campaign.

    • Peter and Mariska debated on how many names their child should have. He wanted five, but they eventually compromised on four.

    • He was in a Remington Electric shaver commercial with super model Cindy Crawford .

    • He will play the role of radio producer Dan Woodruffin the upcoming Broadway production of Eric Bogosian's Talk Radio, a play about a controversial radio host who becomes overwhelmed by the hatred for his program just before it goes national.

    • He was on the crew team in College.

    • Before becoming an actor Peter taught ESL and Special Ed as part of Teach For America Program. After that, he became a fact checker at Vanity Fair.

    • Peter Hermann is a graduate of Yale.

    • Him and wife Mariska Hargitay had their first child, a boy, on June 28th 2006. They named him August Milkos Fredrich Hermann, which in German means revered and exalted.

    • He married Law & Order: SVU co-star Mariska Hargitay on August 28, 2004.

  • Quotes

    • (Talking about the play "Talk Radio")
      Peter Hermann: I think the piece has been described as 'this quilt of insanity' about the late 1980s. It allows us to look at how the country talked about itself and to examine what has changed in this country since then.

    • Peter: (regarding wife Mariska Hargitay's win for a 2005 Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series) I cannot believe she's as articulate as she is, because I cannot speak, I'm so happy and so proud. I am totally blown away and so proud.

    • (Regarding his role on "Talk Radio")
      Peter Hermann:
      It's interesting because I've been in front of cameras where I know it's going to be broadcast, but somehow the thought of talking and being heard by people - somehow there was something really frightening to me about [doing publicity work on radio]; to only have people hear my voice, it's a totally different dynamic.

    • Peter Hermann: We just sat at home. I was making Christmas cards, Mariska was on the treadmill, and we were watching "The Black Stallion". It was incredibly romantic--hey we're newlyweds.

    • Peter Hermann: I think the books talk among themselves when they're alone at night. They've gotten to know one another by now and it's a great place to be. (Talking about his favorite room in his house, the library)

    • Peter Hermann: It's so incredible to see aspects of Mariska that simply weren't there before because there was nothing to call them to existence. It's like a whole new person emerged after two years of marriage. (talking about wife Mariska Hargitay after son August was born)

  • Peter Hermann!

    I became a fan of Peter from watching him on Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Since then I have been following his career with enthusiasm. When I found out that he was going to be in the Broadway play Talk Radio, I knew I had to get tickets to see it. After seeing the show, my respect for him has increased. He did a wonderful job with the play! He even took the time to stop and talk with me, signing my playbill and taking a picture with me, even though he was clearly in a hurry to get home. He was 100% sweet to those who stayed behind to wait to meet him! One of the nicest celebrities that I have ever met!moreless
  • He may not bean A lister by far, not even a D lister by some standereds, but he's still an amazing actor and totally underused

    Peter Hermann is more known as being "the husband of Mariska Hargitay" then for his acting. And truth be told, mainly the fans that love Mariska know who he is. But he is very talented, and why he isn't as famiuos as he should be I do not know. I truly and honestly think that he should get a TV gig. Not just as a recurring charector (wtch is what he's mostly used for) but he should become a star in a show. He's talented, he's very, very handsome, and I think that if Hollywood can give him a chance to act, and not just be known as the husband of Mariska, then I beleave he can really excel in his acting buiesness.moreless