Peter Horton





8/20/1953 , Bellevue, Washington

Birth Name

Peter Horton




Peter Horton was born in Bellevue, Washington on August 20, 1953. As a child, Peter's family travelled extensively before settling in northern California. While attending Redwood High School in San Francisco, Peter became friendly with fellow classmate Robin Williams. With a desire to be a classical conductor, Peter attended Pricipia College in Illinois and also studied at the University of California in Santa Monica. He performed in a play shortly after his graduation (with a degree in music composition) and then chose to pursue an acting career, taking classes under the direction of well-known acting coaches. During one such course, he met future wife Michelle Pfeiffer. Peter Horton's first break on television was in an episode of the CBS television show 'The White Shadow.' He then appeared in a variety of feature films and made-for-tv movies before landing the role of Gary Sheperd in the ABC television show 'thirtysomething.' However, it was directing that Peter wanted to do most and he would go on to direct six episodes of the show before his character was written out during the final season. Following the demise of 'thirtysomething', Peter finally directed his first feature film 'The Cure,' which opened to warm reviews in 1995.