Peter Jurasik





4/25/1950 , Queens, New York, USA

Birth Name




'I was born at an early age and was close to my mother.' Early in the morning on April 25th, 1950 to be exact in New York, New York where I grew up in the ideals of middle class suburbia during the '50s. Memories of my childhood are golden sweet dreams filled with friends and family.
My high school years were at a Catholic seminary and it was here that I was cast in my first play -- Hey, Here's an interesting idea: I get to stand in the spotlight and talk out loud while everyone else sits quietly in the dark and politely listens to me. Eureka !! I have found it !! Acting swept me away from everything I thought I was and began to define everything about who I was becoming.
I graduated as an theater major from the University of New Hampshire and began my professional career in and around New York and at regional theaters all over the east working as both an actor and director. In 1975 I sold my motorcycle, shaved my beard and moved to the west coast.
My first work in LA was writing and performing nightclub comedy but eventually the opportunities expanded to include television, films, more stage and eventually even a published novel and a music CD. A few years back I finished a five year run portraying the outrageous Londo Mollari on the award winning sci-fi show, "Babylon 5"; however, audiences also seem to remember my work on 'Hill Street Blues' as Sid the Snitch and for a collection of various fruits and nuts throughout the eighties and nineties on a wide variety of television movies, series and appearances.
After twenty five years in LA, I've recently migrated back to the east coast where I'm currently living with my wife and son in a small town near the Atlantic Ocean.

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