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    • Peter: (about Crimewatch reconstructions) You always have some manager, some right borin' manager narrating the reconstructions, he loves it.
      "I usually arrive at work twenty-to eight, ten-to eight. Er. That particular morning, the morning of the robbery, they were doing, er, servicing works up by the round-about, and the dual-carriageway was gridlocked."
      Get on with it, son, you're up against Bad Girls 'ere!
      "I usually open up in the mornings when I arrive. Morning, Jean, that's wrong Jean's been locked in...morning, Jean"
      "'Bout time an' all, been 'ere all night, thought you were never gon come. I daren't move in case alarm goes off"
      "Where's Frank, he's late this morning?"
      Proper wood-un. Frank comes on.
      "As I was driving towards work, I noticed a small white transit van parked diagonally across both lanes. There were- drrbe! There were two men discussin' somethin'. I- dddrb! I don't know what it was, but they both 'ad sawn-off shotguns. Yeah. I couldn't, yeah. I couldn't quite see their faces clearly as they were wearing ski masks. I thought 'that's odd'. As it hadn't snowed in months."