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  • Snook!

    Your voice is like listening to good music- satisfying to the soul! I would like to meet you in person! I am an award winning songwriter & jazz singer so I know about soothing voices! I am 44 years young and love to watch Big BIG world JUST to hear Snooks VOICE! I am not the only one. Your register is soothing to the world! You should have your own show! Have you ever thought of doing some music therapy for the sick & disabled? I took music therapy as part of my BFA & we studied sound-pitch & rhythm to heal the sick. Would like to hear more! Thank you for your contributions! LaRejazz in NYCmoreless
  • Peter Linz has been playing with puppets since the age of three and has wanted to work in children’s television since age 10. His characters can be seen on numerous tv shows and films.moreless

    Peter Linz has been playing with puppets since the age of three and has wanted to work in children’s television since age 10.

    After a short detour, during which he obtained a degree in psychology from the University of Georgia, his dream was realized when he was hired to be a puppeteer with the Jim Henson Company. His puppet characters can be seen on Sesame Street, Between the Lions (Theo, Heath, Gawain), Blue’s Room (Polka Dots, Doodle Board), The Book of Pooh (Pooh) and Bear in the Big Blue House (Tutter, Pip) His film credits include the upcoming remake of “The Producers” as well as “Muppets From Space” and “Men in Black”. He has created & led workshops in television puppetry under the auspices of the Jim Henson Company in Germany, China, Mexico and the United States. Recently Peter was an original cast member on Broadway in the Tony Award winning musical “Avenue Q”. He is currently preparing for his biggest role yet – literally – as Snook the Sloth in PBS’s It’s a Big Big World.