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Peter Liske

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  • Tries hard, yet never really made it. Lives in a Fantasy world. Married the B--ch from hell. He deserved it.

    Peter Liske, A wanna be, who never made it. Looked good on T.V. but in reallity, he faiked at every thing he ever did. Easily made some 6 million in Alaske, and is broke to the bone, to this day. 5-1-06. Yet he likes to tell people their faults, and \"guide\" them to a more prosperous life. As if.

     Then he marries the B--ch from hell. A \"Christian\" woman. Bwahahahahahah, as if. More like a she-devil. And big bad Liske bows to her every whim, how pathetic. He will be homeless in a year or two of this writing. Worse he has 12 foster kids. He is about 57 years old, with no future for his kids. Poor guy.moreless