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Peter Lupus

Peter Lupus


6/17/1932, Indianapolis, IN, USA

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Rock Stevens
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Born in 1932, Peter Lupus has been a life-long bodybuilder and actor. From his humble beginnings in Indianapolis, Indiana, Lupus gradually won bodybuilding titles at the local and state levels, eventually leading him to national prominence.
As an actor, Lupus began his career with small roles in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1994 Peter Lupus stared in the same movie with his son, Peter Lupus III, Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings.

    • Peter Lupus has written five books on health and fitness.

    • Actor Martin Landau has been a long time friend of the Lupus family and often spends time with them during Thanksgiving and Christmas at their home in Southern California.

    • Peter Lupus once appeared on the Art Linkletter Show to specifically demonstrate how to swallow 50 vitamin pills at a time.

    • Lupus met his wife Sharon Hildebrand in the late 1950's when she visited the gym he owned in Indianapolis. The two were married in 1960 and are still together today.

    • During the run of Mission: Impossible, Peter Lupus was influenced by his agent to keep his marriage to his wife a secret.

    • Peter Lupus has won the following bodybuilding titles: Mr. Indianapolis, Mr. Indiana, Mr. Hercules and Mr. International Health Physique.

    • At age 75, Peter Lupus set a new world weight-lifting endurance record by lifting 77,560 pounds over a span of 24 minutes and 50 seconds at the Spectrum Club in Southern California.

    • Peter Lupus was hired by the US Army to play the role of Superman in a series of recruiting advertisements.

    • Peter Lupus was on the July 1968 cover of Muscle Training Illustrated.

    • Between 1969 and 1972 Peter Lupus was on the cover of TV Guide three times.

    • Peter Lupus holds the Guinness Book Record for the oldest person to bench press over 300 pounds.

    • In the Mission: Impossible episode "Memory," it's established that Lupus' character Willy Armitage shares his birthplace of Indiana.

    • Peter Lupus once ran a nutrition company and is a known advocate for physical fitness for individuals over the age of fifty.

    • Peter Lupus attended Butler University, where he played football and basketball on the varsity teams. He graduated from Butler University in 1954.

    • Peter Lupus and co-star Greg Morris were the only to actors to remain in their roles for the entire eight year run of the Mission: Impossible series.

    • Peter Lupus posed (in the buff) for Playgirl for the April 1974, issue.

    • Peter Lupus got the nickname of "the Lupe," a reference to his loopy behavior on the set of Mission: Impossible where he played incessant practical jokes.

  • Quotes

    • Peter Lupus: (Commenting on his workout time in the gym) I don't take a cell [phone]. That's my time for myself.

    • Peter Lupus: (Jokingly referring to his close relationship with Greg Morris on the set of Mission: Impossible) If we spend anymore time together like this, we're going to have to get engaged.

    • Peter Lupus: (Commenting on the supplements he has taken over the years) Those were strictly vitamins and minerals and other natural substances. No anabolic steroids, no narcotics. Never ever.

    • Peter Lupus: (In a 1997 Las Vegas Review Journal interview) My agent tells me. "The older you get, the more valuable you become."

    • Peter Lupus: (Commenting on his 2006 health and nutrition website) I am going on 50 years of promoting a healthy lifestyle and now it's time to share my secrets with the public.

    • Peter Lupus: I want everyone to get fit and stay healthy, the second half of your life starts at 50. Will you be prepared to have the best time of your life like I'm having?