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    • In 2010, Peter starred in a commercial for the New Zealand Post's Christmas campaign "Amy's Letter" (Father). Since then he's performed in several more, including two in 2011 for Abbotts Village Foods Ltd (Dad) and Hyundai SOA (Dad), and two in 2013, for MasterFoods (Coma Dad) and ANZ Thought Starters (Couple).

    • Peter is trained singer, and does so in the tenor range.

    • Peter can act using various accents, including American (California), Australian, Scottish, French, and Irish, as well as his own native Kiwi accent.

    • Peter is quite athletic, and enjoys cycling, mountain biking, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, scuba diving, surfing and snow skiing.

    • Peter is 5'11", with blue eyes and blond hair.

    • Peter is represented professionally by Gail Cowan Management. He's also listed as a voice artist with the NZ firm Bigmouth Voices.

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