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  • Last of the Centaurs

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    S 6 : Ep 17 - 4/30/01

    Ephiny's son, Xenan, is wanted by Lord Belach for kidnapping his daughter, Nicha. However, Nicha and Xenan are married and expecting a child. Ephiny's spirit visits Gabrielle and asks for her help. Lord Belach hunts down the Centaurs and kills them all except for Xenan. Xena and Gabrielle offer to find Nicha for Belach, who is the son of Borias. Belach has spent his life trying to avoid becoming what his father was. Xena reveals that she is the woman that took Borias away from Belach and his mother. Nicha has her baby, a Centaur. Belach captures Xenan and wants to trade him for his daughter. Nicha, Xena and Gabrielle convince Belach that peace is the best solution.

  • The Play's The Thing

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    S 4 : Ep 17 - 3/15/99

    Zehra, The Queen of Cons, convinces Gabrielle, who is looking to spread her message of peace, to stage a play based on some of her adventures with Xena. But Zehra has a hidden motive- intending to trick some warlords into investing in the production and then running off with the money and placing the blame with Gabrielle. However, things take an unexpected twist when Gabrielle decides to alter her play to beat a new play opening across the street by the famous playwright Sophocles.moreless
  • As Darkness Falls

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 2/20/95

    In the town of Nespa, the winsome Penelope was about to marry Marcus - much to the dismay of Nemis the Centaur. Nemis prayed to Hera for a way to win Penelope for himself, and she gave him amagical cudgel. Hera's challenge to Nemis: kill Hercules. Nemis enlisted the aid of the Centaurs Craesus and Deric, plus human Deric's girlfriend Lyla, who cunningly blinded Hercules. Nemis kidnapped Penelope, but Hercules used his sense of sound and touch as well as his wits to even the odds in his fight against Nemis. Hercules prevailed, and Penelope was returned to Marcus.

  • Ares

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 2/13/95

    Ares thrived on conflict and bloodshed. Hercules did not share Ares' passion for killing, and when Ares tried to assemble an army of teenage boy soldiers to do his bidding, Hercules knew he had to stop him. With help from the powerful blacksmith Atalanta and the young widow Janista, Hercules must work to help the village against Ares and his new boy army.