Peter Murnik





12/14/1965 , Concord, Massachusetts

Birth Name

Peter Murnik




Peter Murnik was born December 14 1965 in Concord Massachustts.

He attended the finest prep schools and colleges in the country,
but he had enough of it and left.
He switched to Acting and moved to Los Angeles to study at Peggy Feury's Loft Studio.

One of his first acting roles, was in a commercial for the US Air Force, and he did many commercials after that.
His first role in a series was for "TV 101" in 1989, he had a guest role as Harold Ross.
In that same year, he appeared in two other series, and the TV film Thunderboat Row where he played Moby Griffin.

Peter is best known as Clark Palmer in the series J.A.G, where he appeared in 7 episodes, including the special episode Ghosts of Christmas Past, where he played the young Thomas Boone (Terry O'Quinn is the Thomas Boone from "now" in the TV-series).

After his last appearance in J.A.G in 2003, it took him 2 years to make his next guest appearance as, Detective Wilson Estep in the series Miracles, which lasted only one season.

In July 1999, Peter became the proud father of his son Max.
On September 11 2001, he welcomed his second child, a daughter, who he named Ruby.

Besides his family, friends and acting, he loves his cars!