Peter Outerbridge - DUPLICATE

Peter Outerbridge - DUPLICATE

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  • Well, other than his name being spelled incorrectly here(!)...

    This is one underrated actor! He was fabulous on the incredibly original and perpetually mistreated "ReGenesis". What a shame that some of the "creative" types in TV land don't know fabulous when it hits them over the head...

    And his performances in the original 3 shows (mini-TV movies?) for "Murdoch Mysteries" were what got me interested in watching the series when it finally saw the light of day; albeit without Outerbridge. Good thing Yannick Bisson is equally entertaining as the series' "Murdoch", but I digress...

    Back when I was still trying desperately to like "Sanctuary" it was Outerbridge's guest starring role as "The Folding Man" that was the one bright light I could find in that series. Similarly, I was really surprised to see him in the opener for "Fringe" and was hoping it would be a recurring role, but alas, again, it appears lack of foresight is prevalent in TV land.

    I'm not certain what this new series, "Happy Town" is all about but will look in (if it ever makes it to broadcast on ABC) just because of Peter Outerbridge and what appears to be a recurring role for a very talented if under-used performer...moreless