Peter Ratray





Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name




Peter recently played W. Harrison Brent in "Perfect Crime", an off-Broadway play at the Duffy Theater in New York City.

A veteran of the stage, Peter's past performances include the following:

- as Ralph Nickleby in "The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby" at Theatre 40, Beverly Hills

- as the sheriff in "Chili Queen" at the Coronet Theatre, Los Angeles

- on Broadway, in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"

- "Torch Song Trilogy" at The Little Theatre, May 1983

- as Ed in "Torch Song Trilogy" at the Helen Hayes Theatre, 1984

- "The Man with the Dirty Mind", Mark Taper Forum

- "Boys in the Band", West Coast Premiere

- "The Magnificent Yankee", Kennedy Center Production

- "The Mad Show", National Company tour

- "California Suite", summer Soap Star tour at The Little Theater on the Square, 1979

Peter has also directed plays, as in the following:

- Debbie Jones' one-act play "Noah's Arc", for the Manhattan Company workshop in February of 1985, and for Love Creek Productions in May of 1985.

Peter has been married to Ann Willis since 1966, and has two sons, Luke and Devin.

According to a brief bio in the old teen magazine SPEC (February 1970), Peter attended Bay High School in Bay Village, Ohio, and also Ohio State University. He was born on January 3, though the year of his birth was not given.

According to a TV Tome visitor who also attended Bay High School (and has the old yearbooks), Peter graduated from high school in 1958.