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    • Peter Rowsthorn: Hosting on television is much harder than you perceive it to be," he says. "I've had cracks at it on Foxtel (Paytv) and Hey Hey It's Saturday, and it's hard to stay away from being a cliche host.

    • Peter Rowsthorn: Kath and Kim helped me to become a household name. Most people know me as Brett (Craig) now.

    • Peter Rowsthorn: In the late 80s I thought I was going to be famous forever because I was in The Comedy Company and thought it was so easy, but it disappeared into this gigantic hole and I spent 10 years trying to dig myself out.

    • Peter Rowsthorn: (On taking drama classes at high school) I never seriously considered being an actor I don't think at that stage. I was too young. I was just doing it for sort of fun and there were girls involved and I enjoyed girls. Drama was the sort of thing where everyone was on an equal level. There wasn't any sort of status between boys are different and girls are different. Everyone was meant to be the same. So that was good.

    • Peter Rowsthorn: (Talking about Kath and Kim) It's a really great fun show to work on. We do laugh a lot, but we laugh at the appropriate moments where we can so the job gets done at the same time. But gee, that's just been a godsend for me that show. I'm so lucky to be there.