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    Peter Sellers will allways remain in our hearts as the geatest comedy actor ever.
    He started his carrèr on the radio, in a comedy talk show. Later on he Acted in Dr. Strangelove, which is a awsome movie. But his real "from the heart" character was Inspector Jauques Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies. Which is one of the funniest movie series ever made!
    And Sadly he died Mutch too young.
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    Peter Sellers, has and always will, be the greatest comedic actor to ever live. From all his great roles as the hilariously clumsy Jacques Clouseau to the weird, yet strangely awesome Dr.Strangelove; will remain the greatest man to ever live! It's just too bad he died, I would've loved to meet this legend.
  • Cheers for the real Jacques Clouseau role

    Peter Sellers was a genius actor who played Jacques Clouseau in the Pink Panther movie series particularly The Pink Panther Strikes Again in '76 and A Shot in the Dark in '64 that i considered like my favorites. He's also played in the cult-movie made in 1967 The Party. Unfortunately, he's dead before i was born
  • The best.

    Did a great job acting on the Pink Panther movie. No one can do the inspectoir better than he could. He was like the king. No one and i mean no one can do the inspector on Pink Panther better than him. He is the best. It is a shame to find out that he is dead. He is missed by all.
  • Also one of my all-time favourites.

    Peter Sellers was the quintessential comedian. His brilliance, and his ability to do physical comedy cannot be matched by anyone else even to this very day.
    He is and will always remain my all-time favourite comedic actor, and I am certain that I will be able to watch his films and never grow tired of them.