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Peter Stebbings

Peter Stebbings


2/28/1971, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Peter Stebbings


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Peter Stebbings was born in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. His birthday is February 28. Marital Status: Single


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Peter Stebbings has begun work on 3 projects for which he has written and will be directing as well.

      The Mayfly, Elevator, The Wrestlers.

      His Ultimate Role would be 007-James Bond.

      He divides his time between Toronto and Vancouver Canada.

      His birthday is February 28.

  • Quotes

  • peter stebbings played malek on stargate sg1 (season 6).

    the first time i saw peter, it was as malek on stargate sg1 (season 6, episodes "allegiance" and "cure"). i imediately thought he was gorgeous. only recently i found out that he had already played in numerous series and that he played a main character on a science fiction show called jeremiah (which, like so many sci fi shows, got cancelled after only 2 years). i was surprised to learn that he had starred in more sci-fi/fantasy series, such as mutant x and relic hunter. he even played in a movie based into the (near?) future, called "the limb salesman".

    i wonder if he shares the same interest as i have:

    i.e. sci fi and fantasy movies/series.

    you see: we share the same birthday: 28 february!moreless