Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare


8/27/1953, Arbrå, Hälsingland, Sweden

Birth Name

Peter Ingvar Rolf Storm


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Peter Stormare was born in Sweden on August 27th 1953.

He started his acting career at the Royal National Theater of Sweden under the direction of Ingmar Bergman. After his appearance in "Hamlet" in New York, he started getting movie roles in America.

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Great actor!

    Well, let's see something about Peter Stomare!

    The first time when i saw him it was in "Constantine" in the role of Luciffer! I liked him since then but not appreciate him so much becuase i said: "oh, com'on just an actor in a small roll, not worth". But, i'm glad to realise that Peter isn't that way, he's much better than i though before and that's from the reason that i saw him in Prison Brak, i saw how is he in an importan role! And now related to "Constantine" the character which Peter plays in Prison Brak, Abruzzi, isn't to far from Luciffer, they both are evil:P!! Great actro Peter Stomare!moreless
  • A great Actor

    John Abruzzi ends up in Prison because of his Mafia days and he is on one mission and one mission only to take out the man who put him in there, well Michael comes along and tells Abruzzi he has info on Fibanacci so Abruzzi makes a deal with him, they set up the mob boss and get him thrown in prison and eventually Abruzzi changes his life around, and says he won't kill Abruzzi, but after he escapes he doesn't change his ways and tries to kill Abruzzi but ends up getting killed by agent Mahone.moreless