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  • Peter Tewksbury was my grand father.

    Peter Tewksbury, or Henry Tewksbury as he was known for a large part of his life, was a very excentric man. He had three sons off of his first marrage. Kipton Tewksbury, Rodson Tewksbury, and Cleyton Tewksbury. Cleyton is my father. I only met my grandfather a few times, one of which was during a book signing for his cheese book. I only knew him as an absenty grandfather who lived in the middle of no where and prefered being around cheese rather than his children. But when I went to his wake a few years ago I got to find out what a wonderful person he was and how many lives he touched. He still left me a lot to brag about. I get to tell all my friends that my grandfather directed Elvis and my dad got to meet him.
    Any way I am really writing this because there isn\\\'t a lot known about Peter/Henry Tewksbury and I just wanted to say something about him.