Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas


6/28/1924, Pensacola, Florida, United States.

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Peter Thomas


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  • Although I do not know what Peter Thomas look like.. I would like to meet him. I love his voice.

    Although I do not know what Peter Thomas look like.. I love his voice.. When I was marrie, my husband would say I was cheating on him with \"THE VOICE\" that is what he referred to the narrator of the tv show Forensic Files. I thinks his talent is underrated. I am a baliff in a ( Deputy Sheriff) a court room.. I thinkhow Mr. Peter Thomas would sound in some the cases I have heard in court.moreless
  • I really enjoy watching Forensic Files and it just dawned on me a couple of days ago why I do. It’s not just the writers, but Peter Thomas.

    I have never written anything like this before, but for some reason I just had to. Peter Thomas gives something extra to this wonderful and insightful show. When I first saw Forensic Files, I was immediately a fan for life. All I could think about for weeks was that I should have been a scientist. I often teased my boyfriend at the time that if he ever got out of line, I knew exactly how to get rid of him without leaving a trace.

    I have watched many different “forensic type” shows but honestly, nothing compares. I am impressed how Peter tells a story and speaks with such an unbiased opinion. He simply explains the facts as they unfold. If I were reading the same lines, I know I would emphasize certain words that would cause the audience to feel one way or another. Peter has a true talent.

    Whoever hired Peter to narrate, you’re one smart cookie. I look forward to watching your program again and listening to Peter. Keep up the good work!


    April, 35

    Costa Mesa, CA