Peter Tork

Peter Tork


2/13/1942, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Birth Name

Peter Halsten Thorkelson


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Peter Tork was one of the two musicians, that was the Monkees.

Peter, dead pan looks and quietness gained him the part of the silly/dumb one. Also playing many instruments, he was most likely the most talented musically.


Trivia and Quotes

  • A brief snippet of an encounter between a fan diva and Peter Dork. By Cyn Burton a long-time fan diva with deep throbbing views running ten years rampant throughout the global fandom communitymoreless

    At Memorabilia, Birmingham England Spring 2006 I approached Peter Tork to say how I have always enjoyed The Monkees.

    He snorted, faked a smile, gave me a platitude equalling a pat on the head and waived me goodbye.

    Later, I came back. I had given several of my own art photos to some of the guest stars. After a brief explanation of my work, etc... He rifled the photos up and said Now what are you offering me?

    Me in short, Free photo, thought you might like it. Him, abrevviated, Nah not my bag. So who cares? Not me.

    Until my little boy runs up to Tork. He then says, verbatim, Is that yours? Pointing at my two year old. Me, I answer astonished, Yesssssssssss.

    Him, Well get him out of here. I then leaned in and said, I live here, HE lives here, you get the hell out! He starts back peddling for the gathering crowd, I only meant. But I already knew what he meant.

    I gathered up my child as Tork gathered his withered old hippie face into an indignant look, with a gasp accompanying. I am pretty sure he called security.

    For the record, I found out after that, that earlier he had been rude with Ms. Yvonne Craig and baby, this jerk isn't worth rubbing up against the guy who punched a guy, that licked her boots!

    In all fairness, a shout out to Mickey, Davy and the other guy, we four as still cool!

    See my photos that the stars have to have!