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Peter Walsh characterizes himself as part-contractor, part-therapist. He has been an organizational consultant for the past 12 years and his clients have included numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as scores of harried and disorganized individuals who want to de-mystify, de-clutter and re-organize their personal spaces. Peter holds…more

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  • Peter Walsh is a professional organizer with a great big heart. Originally on "Clean Sweep" he's now writing a book and making guest appearences.

    I love Peter Walsh. He not only organizes people's clutter he talks them through the "letting go" process. While on Clean Sweep he'd have the "Sell" pile, the "Keep" pile and the "Throw" pile. With Peter, you'd better hope your "Keep" pile was low!! Understanding but firm, Peter guides people in deciding what should stay and what should leave in their cluttered lives. Recently on Oprah, he helped a hoarder with her unimaginable mess. Peter's website is amazing and he's written a book due out in January called "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat"?? I'm really sad TLC took "Clean Sweep" off it's schedule because it was an amazing show-even for those of us with little clutter in our lives. I miss Peter and will wait for him to show up as a guest on other shows such as "Oprah".moreless