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  • Trivia

    • His nickname is Pete.

    • His height is 6' (1.83 m).

    • Peter married his long-time girlfriend Sheri Stowe in Italy on June 24, 2006, which was also his 59th birthday.

    • As a masters of Roman and Renaissance Artand lecturer at Syracuse University, he commented on the History channel's Rome: Engineering an Empire.

    • When asked about what attracted him to Robocop:

      Weller:I read the script and knew right away that it was my kind of film - its themes are massive. RoboCop is medieval, man. You look at it and you see a kind of corporate, mercantile society crushing everything in its wake, just like in the Renaissance. Free trade and the massive flow of information has liberated society, but at the same time, you see an immense amount of greed - yuppies running all, saying I want that for me, man. RoboCop is an allegory about imperialisation, technology and humanity - this society takes the life of this guy, and also robs him of his innocence.

    • Weller on directing: "Yeah I like it a lot, more than acting. I think I always wanted to be the story teller. I just always wanted to be the storyteller rather than the performer. I find more satisfaction in it."

    • During the filming of Robocop 2, Weller ran 8-10 miles every morning in preperation for the New York Marathon.

    • Weller went through around six and a half hours of prosthetic make-up application, and then an hour and half of putting on the suit for his role as Robocop.

    • Weller had movement training for six months with a guy named Moni Yochin for his Robocop role.

    • Weller was unable to provide any extras for the Robocop DVD because he was busy shooting a film in South Africa.

    • When asked about how he felt about being known mainly for Robocop, Peter responded: "I just roll with it. There was a time in the early nineties where I got a bit sick of it, but I just roll with it."

    • Weller on parallel universes: For us to believe what we see, feel and touch in time, linear time as we know it, is the only extant context in which life happens. I think it's fairly naive, man, you know. So, you know, who's to say there's not a parallel universe?

    • Weller on science fiction: "'m not interested, really, in science fiction. I don't read science fiction, I'm not a Trekkie, I don't go to science fiction movies. I don't disdain it, but it's not my metier. I like noir thrillers and movies of intimate murder. "

    • Weller was chosen to portray Robocop in the 1987 film because of his slender build. The producers feared that having a large actor would require too big a suit that would look ridiculous, and insisted on a thinner actor. Weller found he sweated so much weight off in the suit that a fan had to be built into it.

    • He teaches a literature and fine arts class at Syracuse University.

    • He holds a master's degree in Roman and Renaissance art and is working toward a Ph.D.

    • Weller was once engaged to actress Sela Ward.

    • Due to his work schedule on Naked Lunch, he was unable to reprise the role of RoboCop in RoboCop 3 (1993).

    • Weller is in a jazz band with actor Jeff Goldblum. They perform at local clubs in LA.

    • Graduated from Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio, Texas, in 1965.

    • Weller starred in Of Unknown Origin (1983), The film won him the Best Actor award at the Paris International Film Festival for his performance.

    • Weller's film debut was in Richard Lester's Butch and Sundance: The Early Days in 1979.

    • Peter made his first appearance on Broadway as David in Joseph Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival production of David Rabe's "Sticks and Bones"

    • Peter earned a B.A. in theatre.

    • Peter applied for North Texas State University in hopes of playing trumpet for one of the jazz bands.

    • Peter is the youngest son of an army helicopter pilot.

    • Peter Weller's favorite performer is Miles Davis.

  • Quotes

    • Peter: The best reason to go to the movies is to be with other people. Eating the popcorn, being with other people you don't know. You see, when people are rubbin' up against other people like that, under the environs of being entertained or communicated with, humanity's better off. People expand themselves, they get out of themselves. Love. Television doesn't do that. Television is an isolating experience, sadly enough. I'm sorry to say it. But as good as it ever gets, it's still isolating. You sit in your home and visit with no one. You drink your beer, eat your popcorn and be alone, that's what you do. With movies, you gotta get out, man. You gotta get out and be with people. And that's the best thing and that's the responsibility. Once people are out and in a movie theater, then you can inform them about themselves.