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  • An exceptionally talented actor who usually performs better than both the material and those with whom he's paired.

    I just caught a re-run of Peter in the long-lived series "Charmed", and even in a season that had completely jumped the shark, his work elevated the episodes in which he appeared. I adored his work in the Sci/fi-adventure series, Highlander, where he played the role of Methos, an exceptionally old and multi-layered immortal being. Peter garnered scores and scores of admirers from that one role, and has a fan-base amongst viewers of that show even now. You can also see Peter's work in a host of UK series, and in the US, he has appeared in Touching Evil, Stargate SG-1, The L Word, Andromeda, Bliss, and more.

    Peter Wingfield's performances are fabulous in everything I've had the good fortune to see. He has become one of my favorite actors. Now that I am able to receive a station that airs episodes of 'Cold Squad', I am looking forward to watching Wingfield in that show as well.