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Peter Youngblood Hills

Peter Youngblood Hills



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  • i love Shifty (( band of brothers)) and Peter is definately great acting as him

    Peter Youngblood Hills definatly does great acting in Band of Brothers as 'Shifty' Powers. Shifty is a very humble person and Peter works with that. In part 6 (Bastogne) of the mioniseries Band of Brothers, one of the other soldiers had just shot a German officer off of his horse, and retrieved the luger pistol from the german. He was in Shifty' foxhole showin him, and say that he could even give shifty a run for it(talkin about his aimin a gun) and shifty says, even though he is a much better shot, " aw, no im not much of a shot,no pa, he was an excellent shot, i declare, he could shoot the wings off the fly" ( i took that from my head so sorry if it aint exact) Peter Youngblood Hills is definately a great actor and performs his charactor very accurately and i hope to see him in more filmsmoreless