Petula Clark





11/15/1932 , Epsom, Surrey, England

Birth Name

Petula Sally Olwen Clark




Petula started her singing career as a child performing in her native England. She sang to the Allied forces during World War II, hosted her own BBC radio show, was placed under contract with the Rank Organization, and had numerous hit records, all before her popularity in the United States.

Petula Clark became America's number one female vocalist during the musical invasion of the 1960s. She topped the U.S. musical charts with the unforgettable million-seller "Downtown" (earning her the first of two Grammys). This was followed by "This Is My Song," "I Know A Place," "My Love," "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love," "Don't Sleep In The Subway," "Color My World," "A Sign Of The Times," "Kiss Me Goodbye," and many more.

Petula became a household name in the United States by performing on dozens of top television programs. She also starred in numerous television specials. In addition, Petula starred in dozens of British and American films. In 1961, she married a French public relations man named Claude Wolff, he later became her manager and they lived in Paris. They had three children and now live in Geneva, Switzerland and in a French chalet.