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Peyton List


8/8/1986, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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Peyton List


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Peyton List, who hails from Baltimore, Maryland, is a former model and television actress recognized for playing Lucy Montgomery on the daytime soap As The World Turns during her teens. Together with her older sister, List began an early career in modeling even as a she was studying…more


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    • Peyton: (on the future projects she would like to do) I love trying out different roles and genres. I'd probably love to try a romantic comedy. That being said, I have truly fallen for the sci-fi genre and enjoy all the creativity it inspires

    • Peyton: (on the love triangle between Cara-John-Stephen in the show The Tomorow People) The dynamic is tricky for the three of them. There are so many threats to face on a day-to-day basis, it sometimes makes them handle romantic conflict in a mature fashion. They more often than not push their individual feeling aside for the sake of the group as a whole.

    • Peyton: (on the show The Tomorrow People) [It] was a standout pilot script for me. it had a fast paced story with interesting characters at the helm. Cara was particularly intriguing because she is independent, strong and a bit of an ass-kicker. She's extremely complex and was written that way from the start. I knew that kind of character held endless possibilities.

    • Peyton: (on the relationship between characters in The Tomorrow People) On this show, it's always hard to tell. We have those big romantic storylines, but we also have all these high stakes and these explosive situations where you sort of have to put personal stuff aside and just deal with the now.

    • Peyton: (on her character's changes in The Tomorrow People) We've watched her go through a lot of changes. Obviously, the biggest change is she has stepped into the role of leader.

    • Peyton: (on the fighting stunts in The Tomorrow People having a teleportation component) It's cool too because it's a different kind of fighting.

    • Peyton: (on her character in The Tomorrow People) Guarded, wall-up, bad-ass side that is her way of dealing with the circumstances she's in.

    • Peyton List: I remember when I was 15 or 16 and I was doing stunt work, they gave me a paper that said, 'If you die it's not our fault.' And I'm thinking, what have I signed up for? Ok, signing my life away!

    • Peyton List: (on working with her "As The World Turns" co-star Mary Beth Evans) I love my scenes with Mary Beth. She is such a talented professional and brilliant to work with. Doing scenes with her really is just stepping into the world of Oakdale. She makes me totally believe she is my mom, I'm her daughter, and what's going on in the scene is real while we're doing it.

    • Peyton List: I used to dance a little bit, but now I really don't have time to do anything anymore. I [started] seriously [dancing] when I was about 9 or 10, so I did it for about 4 or 5 years.

    • Peyton List: I love to get dressed up, but I love wearing jeans even more! If you want to be comfortable and dressy, just throw on a pretty shirt and a super special mini wrap over your favorite jeans. Icy makeup colors look cool but not overdone.

    • Peyton List: (on being a "Smallville" fan) When it first came on, I was in a situation where I could come home and watch it every Tuesday, and I watched my WB shows every single week. I did that the first two or three seasons, but because of moving and changing apartments, I fell out of my TV addiction. It was great, though - when I got there, they gave me these tapes, and I could go back to the hotel room and catch up with everything. I love the show, so meeting the people when I was coming out to LA was exciting for me.

    • Peyton List: (about playing another character named Lucy on "Smallville" after playing Lucy Montgomery on "As The World Turns") I just came off a soap opera that I played in for three years and my character's name was Lucy. I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me, this is not a coincidence?' But it was very funny - Lucy Lane was not at all the character I played on the soap. It was great to have a total change.

    • Peyton List: It's been absolutely tremendous and I'm so surprised at how quickly it turns around. When I got back, I was taking a breath, and then going on auditions for pilot season, then I got a call saying that the episode's airing in a week or two. I was like, 'What? Already?' I haven't heard anything about coming back, but I'm still getting my mind around the whole process!

    • Peyton List: Being here [at the set] sometimes you feel like it's going a certain way and you feel really good about something and then it doesn't turn out to be the way you thought it was.

    • Peyton List: I've run into people who have given me folders and official cards for their Web site.

    • Peyton List: It's cool to have a response where you feel like what you're enjoying and experiencing, the audience is doing that, too. They get it and they're in tune with it.

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