Peyton Manning





3/24/1976 , New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Birth Name

Peyton William Manning




Peyton Manning is a retired NFL quarterback, who played for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. In 2007, he led the Colts to their first Super Bowl win since the 1970 season. This put a stop to the criticism he had been getting because of the team's lack of Super Bowl rings. Peyton was named the Super Bowl MVP. The win also earned him an ESPY award (his fourth).

From his rookie year until 2010, Peyton has had more than 25 touchdown passes per season. He currently holds the record for most consecutive seasons with at least 25 TD passes - 13 seasons. Peyton's 2004 stats earned him the highest passer rating in a season in the NFL, another record to his name. His overall rating rating ranks him as the second best of all time. In 2014, he broke the career touchdown record. Peyton has been to the Pro Bowl 11 times. He is known for his audibles, choosing to skip huddles and instead calling a play according to how he reads the defense at the line.

Peyton comes from a family of football players. He is the son of Archie Manning, a former NFL quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. His younger brother Eli currently plays quarterback for the New York Giants. Peyton & Eli made history by being the first brothers to play starting QBs on opposing teams in the NFL. They won back-to-back Super Bowls & SB MVP awards, too. Peyton's older brother, Cooper, was a wide receiver before a spinal condition ended his football career. Every summer, his dad, brothers & he hold a camp called the Manning Passing Academy. His mother's name is Olivia.

Peyton married Ashley Thompson on March 17, 2001 (St. Patrick's Day). They are involved in numerous charitable organizations, including Peyton's own PeyBack Foundation. He played football, baseball & basketball at Isidore Newman High School. Peyton played college football for the University of Tennessee. He wore the # 18 jersey for the Colts and Broncos.