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  • Great player.

    Manning is agreat player, but he should stop doing all of those annoying commercials and save his energy for football. I think that had he not put so many commercials out on the air, he would not seem as annoying to me, but I must say that as a player, he's a good quarterback and probably one of the best to ever play football. Overall, he needs to stick to what he does best, which is trying to win more than one Superbowl, beating the Patriots, and racking numbers for when he needs to try to get in the hall. Thank you.
  • Great player

    Peyton Manning is the quaterback for the Indianapolis Colts. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is the son of New Orleans Saint, Archie Manning. He went to college at the University of Tennessee, and was second in the Heisman voting to Ryan Leaf. He was drafted, again, second to Ryan Leaf. He won the NFL MVP in 2003 (along with Steve McNair), 2004, and 2008. He won his first Super Bowl in 2007 against the Chicago Bears and was named MVP as well. He has also appeared on SNL. His younger brother, Eli, plays quaterback for the New York Giants. Peyton Manning is one of the leagues best quaterbacks, and will surely go down as one of the best to ever play the game.
  • He is the best quarterback in the NFL, and he will break all of Favre's records eventually. Class act on and off the field.

    Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL, and he is one of the best people in professional sports. True he has had a great receiving core his entire career, but he can take over a game at any time. He has made all-pro defensive players look like amateurs, and he consistently puts up tremendous numbers. When he beat the Broncos in 2006, it was one of the best quarterback performances I've ever seen. He was down big at half, yet he remained calm and methodically picked apart our defense. Even without his Superbowl victory he would be a sure hall of famer. He was funny on SNL and he is always great on the field. Classy guy and a great quarterback.
  • Not just a great quarterback, but all around great guy.

    After winning the superbowl, Peyton Manning did something great I didn't expect. He took a pay cut to give the Colts more cap room for the offseason. That act only shows Manning isn't in the game for money or fame, but be the best he can be. I'm in awe of how he can take the criticism of past years when the team failed to make it to the superbowl. Year after year people would say, "Manning is a choke artist." "He ca't win the big games." Personally I never blamed him alone for the failure of an entire team, but now that he has made it to the superbowl no one can say he chokes in the big games. He finally won the biggest game ever.
  • Manning is one of the best QB's of all time.

    Peyton Manning is one of the best QB's in the game today.
    He has great season stats and has paased for 4,000 yards in most of his great seasons. Although Manning hasen't won a superbowl, I think he is going to win one eventually. Manning needs to win the superbowl so the critics will get of his back and let him play. There have been others who haven't won it yet in Major sports, and yet they are the one's that are critized. Manning will be in the Hall of Fame nevertheless so deal with it.
  • Class-act off and on the field

    I didn't like Peyton Manning at first I guess due
    To my mom not liking him but then we both I guess
    Changed our minds about him and he is indeed a very special athlete both on and off the field
    A team player and also a cheerleader who deflects credit to himself and gives credit to others
    Now just win the Super Bowl is all you need to do
    And get a bunch of kids in order to have prepare a Peyton Manning Jr!