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    • Peyton Manning is popularly known for his "audibles" - a series of verbal and hand signals that communicates a play to the rest of the team on the line of scrimmage. Peyton calls or changes a play according to how he reads the opponent's defensive line. Peyton includes fake signals that do not change the play, in order to prevent opponents from determining what the signals mean.

    • Peyton Manning co-authored a book with his father, Archie, and John Underwood. The book's title is Manning: A Father, His Sons and a Football Legacy.

    • Peyton had four pairs of hightop black shoes made which he planned to wear in the September 15, 2002 game as a tribute to former Colts QB Johnny Unitas. He made a formal request to the NFL to be allowed to wear black shoes. Unfortunately, he was not allowed by the NFL to wear them. The NFL threatened to fine Peyton with $25,000 if he wore the shoes. According to Peyton, he would have gladly paid the fine but didn't wish to honor Unitas by breaking an NFL rule.

    • Peyton grew up in the Garden District of New Orleans.

    • Peyton wears #18 as a tribute to his older brother, Cooper, whom he played with in high school. Cooper was a great wide receiver, but he had to stop playing due to spinal stenosis. Peyton would have worn #18 in college, but the number was already taken when he got to Tennessee so he chose 16. When he got to Indianapolis, 18 was available & he chose it to honor Cooper. His father Archie also wore #18 for the Saints.

    • At the first week of the 2006-2007 regular season, Peyton Manning and the Colts faced his brother, Eli Manning and the Giants. (Peyton won, 26-21)

    • on a March 29th, 2007 edition of Wheel Of Fortune, the answer to the puzzle "event" was "Payton Manning Named M.V.P. of Super Bowl" and the host said that show was made before the game,and they are just guessing.

    • Peyton holds several records, including:

      The most touchdowns in a season (49) and
      4,000 yard passing seasons (6 from '99-'04.)

    • Peyton is the only quarterback in history to:
      Surpass 3,000 passing yards and 25 touchdowns in each of his first nine NFL seasons and
      Make every start of his career since being drafted.

    • In 2006, Peyton led the NFL in touchdowns and quarterback rating.

    • Peyton's first pro pass was a touchdown.

    • Peyton's number on his high school football team was #14.

    • Manning became the second fastest to reach 30,000 yards passing, in 115 games.

    • Peyton has never missed an NFL game.

    • Peyton grew up in a 1853 New Orleans home.

    • Peyton was the spokesperson for "NFL Fever."

    • In his nine year career Manning has passed for over 4,000 yards in seven seasons.

    • In 1998 Manning set five different rookie records.

    • Manning is a "pure" pocket passer rather than a "scrambler."

    • In 2005, Tennessee retired Manning's number (#16).

    • In Tennessee he won thirty-nine games and lost six as a starting QB.

    • He became Tennessee's all-time leading passer with 11,201 yards, 863 completions and 89 touchdowns.

    • Peyton went to Isidore Newman High school.

    • He was the MVP in Super Bowl XLI.

    • Peyton weighs 230 pounds.

    • Peyton made it to his first ever Super Bowl after the Colts beat the New England Patriots 38-34 in the AFC Championship on January 21, 2007.

    • Peyton married Ashley Thompson on March 17, 2001.

    • Peyton stands 6 feet, 5 inches tall.

    • Awards:
      2nd in the Heisman Award in 1997
      1997 Davey O'brien Award
      1997 Johny Unitas Award
      1997 Maxwell Award
      1997 All-American
      1997 James E. Sullivan Award (top amateur athlete in the United States.)

    • Peyton Manning was NFL Co-MVP in 2003.

    • Peyton Manning currently plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

    • Peyton Manning made the Pro Bowl 8 years in a row.

    • Peyton Manning made the Pro Bowl in 2005.

    • Peyton Manning made the Pro Bowl in 2002.

    • Peyton Manning plays Quarterback.

    • He was the Back-up QB for Colorado Rockies 1st Baseman Todd Helton and Tenneesee.

    • Despite being projected to go #1 overall in the NFL draft after his junior year, Peyton decided to play college football for one more year.

    • Peyton completed his BA in Speech Communication. In his first three years at the University of Tennessee, Peyton maintained a 3.61 GPA.

  • Quotes

    • Peyton Manning: I don't like to play favorites, and I do try to spread the ball around. But there's an old rule: You throw to the guys who get open in practice.

    • Peyton: I feel I'm playing for Cooper. I can't imagine having football taken away. Now the game seems all the more precious to me.

    • Peyton: If you work hard and you play well, all those critics quiet themselves pretty quickly.

    • Peyton: In the NFL game today, there are a lot of better athletes than I am, and quarterbacks these days are faster than the quarterbacks have always been, they're running like crazy. But I kind of stick to my roots of the disciplined quarterback. You know, I'm doing the same routine every week, studying tapes and working hard, getting ready to play and making good decisions on Sundays.

    • Peyton: If your team is going to win, you need to play better than the other quarterback.

    • Peyton Manning: (on the Manning Passing Academy) I went to a lot of camps growing up, and you know, you do a team picture, and you play tennis, or you swim or something. (grins) I mean, this is a football camp. We coach about football. We don't even do a team picture.

    • Peyton Manning: When did I know? Probably when people stopped calling me "Archie's boy" and actually started calling me "Peyton." (from a Reebok commercial featuring NFL players)

    • Peyton: You've got to remember what your priorities are. When you're playing, what you do on the field is the most important thing.

    • Peyton: It's kind of boring to me if teams never throw the ball.

    • Peyton: My dad was a class person on and off the field. That's the person I want to be.

    • Peyton: Boy, do I hate to lose.

    • Peyton: I see young quarterbacks just coming into the league, and they're throwing screens and layoffs right away. As funny as this might sound, I really learned a lot by going downfield, even in tight coverage.

    • Peyton: I don't like to play favorites, and I do try to spread the ball around. But there's an old rule: You throw to the guys who get open in practice.

    • Peyton: I promise I will throw a lot of touchdowns in the new stadium -- a lot more than I threw on Sunday.

    • Manning: This is mostly the fantasy guys asking me that and asking how we're feeling this year. 'How many are you going to throw,' ... You can tell by the tone of their voice if you don't throw over 50, it's going to be a bad season.

    • Peyton: You hear about how many fourth quarter comebacks that a guy has and I think it means a guy screwed up in the first three quarters.

    • Peyton: Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what the hell you're doing.

    • Peyton: (On his brother, Eli Manning) I bet Eli doesn't even have one touchdown today, ... I'm the best Manning.

    • Manning: (about teammate Mike Vanderjagt) Here we are, I'm out at my third Pro Bowl, I'm about to go in and throw a touchdown to Jerry Rice, we're honoring the Hall of Fame, and we're talking about our idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off. When I get home I'll deal with it. If he still is a teammate, we'll deal with it. That remains to be seen. The sad thing is, he's a good kicker. But he's an idiot.

    • Jospeh Addai: You took away a TD from me.
      Peyton: Oh, shut up you rookie.