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  • Pharrell Williams, in my eyes, is the most talented music producers alive for hip hop, r&b, rap, and rock. Although he has one some awards, I think he should be more appricated in the music industry, right along with Chad Hugo. They are very talented.

    You can always tell if a song is produced by Pharrell, or should I say the Neptunes, because it will give you this unique vibe that only their beats are liable for making you feel like getting up and dancing no matter what the place may be. I respect and admire Pharrell's humbleness, talent, and uniqueness. He's one of those people that you can't put a lable to, rather it's preppy, thug, skateboarder, or rock, Pharrell can rock any of those sterotypes and make it his own, i love that about him. Because of his unique ability to make people listen and love his records no matter what kind of music they usually listen to, he is well respected in the music industry. Bottom line, Pharrell Williams is one of the greatest of all times!!!

    *Ayrea Turner