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  • Cm Punk is one of the best current wrestlers in the WWE. He has tons of great moves and lives his life "Straight Edge" which I respect. He Is a Great rolemodel for kids. He is very underrated. I hope this guy will become a legend in the WWE.Cm punk Rocks

    Cm Punk is a very Talneted wrestler. He deserves very thing he recives and will become a instant classic in the WWE. The fans will love his wrestling. Not only he is a great wresler but, deos a lot of things for his younger fans. He role model to kids by showing them the "Straight Edge" way of life, which means he lives without any bad addictions. He uses many fighting techniques that invovles using his legs for. His finisher the Go To Sleep is an perfect example. He puts his opponent on his sholuders throws them over his head, lifts his leg up, and has his opponents chin hits his knee. Its vert affective. He is very underratted and will become a huge fan favorite for years to come in the WWE.