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  • Hey Phil,you had me going on about Top Gear being best show and my favourite episodes,races and all along you are the Director.Ever need vehicles in SA for shoots look me up at,and thanks for not letting me drown.GRANTHAM

    To Phil Churchward and team,absolutely amazing show.Best show ever to be produced by BBC,well Mr Bean is in league of his own.wish you guys could come to Cape Town,that show will be sold out in few days.

    Here is my review
    Best episode-Capri/Porsche/300 zx Challenge

    Best insert-Ken Block Best race -Focus Rs vs Renault R26

    Best track test-Stig Pagani Zonda/James Veyron Jeremy R34 Skyline

    Best presenter-all of themm

    All time favourite episode-Jaguar/Vincent bike/train Challenge

    As a Picture Vehicle Co-ordinator I do mostly modern sports,exotics and bikes,but classics and vintage cars is what I personally love.Good luck and thanks for the great show.You guys rock.Grantham