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  • Phil Collins is an inspiration!

    Phil Collins has gone through a lot in his life time and he still has the ability to make quality music for everyone. With such classics as against all odds, take me home, two hearts, groovy kind of love, and in the air tonight, he has continued to make himself in the music community. He even has touched the children population by doing the soundtracks for brother bear and tarzan for disney and even helped with the music for the broadway tarzan. All in all, he is a wonderful singer and his works are the best in business with drums that can get to anyone.
  • He is a very good singer.

    And a very good song wrighter. Two of his best songs arre: In the Air tonight, and Another day in paradise. All his others are good too, but the first two I said are his best ever. Well to me anyway. I'm sure other people have Phil Collins songs they like the best.