Phil Fondacaro





11/8/1958 , New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Birth Name




Phil Fondacaro is an American actor who is well-known around Hollywood for his diminutive size and strong acting skills. Born in 1958, the New Orleans native has become one of the most respected dwarf actors in entertainment (he stands just 3 feet 6 inches). Fondacaro debuted on film in 1981 with Under the Rainbow and saw his visibility rise when he appeared as an Ewok in 1983's Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. In 1987, the actor put in another highly acclaimed performance as Sir Nigel Pennyweight in the cult film, Ghoulies II. On television, Fondacaro has used his small size to his advantage by playing in unique roles. This fact becomes clear with his past appearances on hit shows such as Touched by an Angel, where he appeared in an episode as a father who tries to raise his average-sized son. He played a similar role on an episode of the television series, CSI as well.