Phil Harris (II)

Phil Harris (II)


12/19/1956, Seattle, Washington, USA



Birth Name

Phillp Charles Harris


  • Phil Harris, 53, has died after sufferin...
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Captain Phil Harris was involved with the commercial fishing industry for the last 29 and 15 of those years have been running boats, including the Cornelia Marie. It is was this fact of the big money that kept Phil coming back year after year and if people crave…more


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    • Phil:(On the Sig's promoting of Russian King crab) This whole thing stinks to high heaven. We are madly trying to get consumers to buy American seafood.

    • Phil:(On his on camera performace)We don't do anything that we wouldn't do if the cameras weren't there. What you see is what you get.

    • Phil: That's the deal with crabbing. Every day you're going to encounter something where somebody almost gets smashed (or) thrown over the side. The stories you hear, you think, "Well, maybe they're exaggerating." It isn't an exaggeration. These guys are the toughest guys there are.

    • Phil:Nothing on these shows is scripted whatsoever. What you see is what you get no matter what.

    • Phil Harris: This is big-time weather and anything can happen.

    • Phil:(on what he did with his $130,000)You want the honest answer? I bought a car, I bought a house, and I bought a couple of hookers.

    • Phil:(on the demands as being a captain)It's like, if you make a mistake in your job right now — say you screw this interview up — what's gonna happen? Your boss is gonna say, 'Hey man, you really fucked this thing up, why don't you do it again?' I go make a mistake and somebody gets either hurt or killed. There is zero room for error. You have to really, really concentrate and know what you're doing. You don't have the luxury of screwing up.

    • Phil:(on crab fishing)I keep doing this and doing this and my number's going to come up.I'd just as soon quit in one piece.

    • Phil:(on what is shown on the series)I have enough integrity, for all the people who taught me and people who know me. I wouldn't do this show if they told me one thing to say or one thing to act.

    • Phil:(Right before he plays the prank on the Northwestern)Retaliation, Cornelia Marie style.

    • Phil:(On the hand-coiling contest with his son, Jake)Now you know why lions eat their young.

    • Phil: (On his engine failing for a second time) I feel like a one legged man in an ass-kickin contest!

    • Phil:(On the show)It's kind of neat that people want to know what we do and the conditions we do it in.

    • Phil (On his son): As father I'm really proud of him and as a captain I'm proud of him. He's really working his ass off.

    • Phil (about the lifestyle of a Berring Sea Crabber): You go through a couple marriages, smoke cigarettes like it's going out of style, your body aches from the time you get up to the time you go to bed, and you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about where you're going to put the next pot. Yeah, it's a great lifestyle.

  • Missing Phil

    Just want to mention to Phil's boys that I wish them all the best since their Dad's passing back in January 2010. Show your Father proud guys :)
  • I love the show \"Deadliest catch\", it never gets boring, thats for sure. Finally a show that the family can all watch together. Plus, it gives us women lots of guys to fantasize about, (we all have our favorites, mine is capt. Phil).moreless

    I am totally hooked on \\\"deadliest catch\\\", It\\\'s the first t.v. show in years that I go out of my way to watch. it\\\'s also the first show in years that the whole family enjoys watching together. I think Capt. Phil is the most gorgeous guy i\\\'ve ever seen. Even his voice is sexy, and i bet he even has a nice hairy chest. (Yes guys, some of us women like that). He doesn\\\'t seem to have the bad temper that some of the other guys get. I would really like to know more about his personal life. I mean, what do these guys all do on the off-season?moreless