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  • The real deal.

    Most actors/performers are lucky to find a successful role on one major TV show or movie in their career. Phil Hartman proved to be the exception to the rule. He was a hit on SNL, he was a huge part of the "Simpsons" cast and he co-starred on "Newsradio." Who knows what else he would have done if he had not died so young and so tragically?

    I think the secret to his success was that Phil Hartman didn't put his ego ahead of being funny. He was never really the "star" of any of his projects, but he was always a crucial part of the cast and always brought his "A" game. Anytime he came on screen in "Newsradio" was comedy magic, and I still crack up when I hear him as Troy McClure or Lionel Hutz on "The Simpsons."

    While his death is tragic, he has left us with a legacy of performances that continue to entertain audiences nearly 10 years after his death.